Giving Back To Our Communities

First Asia Finance Group Limited (“First Asia”) contributes to the communities in which we work through our staff initiated charity, One For All Charitable Foundation, and continually dedicates a portion of our profits for charitable cause. First Asia has donated over HKD1,500,000 to date to support various charities for worthwhile charitable causes, including the following:

Supporting Communities Through Microfinance

“The highest level of charity is when you can help someone get on their own feet,
use their own God-given abilities to provide for their family.”

– Peter Greer, President of HOPE International

First Asia is actively involved in running One For All Charitable Foundation (“One For All”): a charitable organization initiated and managed voluntarily by First Asia staff since 2009. It contributes funds to worthwhile charitable causes in communities around the world.

Microfinance is the provision of small loans to the world’s lowest income individuals and micro entrepreneurs so that they can create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living. Our objective is to help the people at the bottom of the pyramid, i.e. living with less than USD1.5 a day. We believe a small loan can make a big impact. We continue monitoring our projects to ensure they are generating positive social impact. Recently, One For All have funded microfinance projects based in Ghana, West Africa with the aim of providing access to funds to those in poverty to allow themselves to generate a sustainable living. The projects have helped over 10,000 families improving the lives of 45,000 people. Our staff travelled to Ghana to discuss microfinance opportunities with local charity partners and various government authorities.

The work that First Asia does to improve the lives of communities around the world takes specialist knowledge, passion and commitment from our people. First Asia will continue searching for opportunities to support and give back to communities